If a picture says a thousand words, videos will get your message out in a BIG WAY!

This AWESOME DEAL offers:

Onsite Video Shoot (90min max)

1 x Overview Video (90sec max)

1 x Promo Video (45sec max)

for $890+GST



Overview Video

The perfect Video to tell your customers WHAT you do. HOW you do and WHY you do. You could be in it, or we can user pictures. footage and words on the screen to get that message out. We make it simple so you can spread your business message. Tell your customers about: Your business, services, when you started and so much more.

Maximum 90 seconds
Additional charges for voice over & subtitles.

Promo Video

Your promo video is designed to focus on a ONE THING and push that out via social media. Might be an event coming up or promoting breakfast at your restaurant. The video will give your promotion the extra push you require. Promo videos consist of live footage. pictures and words on the screen.

Maximum 60 seconds
Additional charges for voice over & subtitles



Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. How do we get started?

Book your shoot and we will send you a template guide to help both you and us on what we need to record.

2. Do you help with the script of the Video?

We provide you a script template to following and help us put together what you need to say. It also give us understanding of what footage we need to capture.

3. What content should be in our Overview Video?

Your Overview Video should explain key features of your business. What you specialise in, what benefits you offer, how long have you been operating for and more. You want to give viewers a clear overview of your business in under 90 seconds.

4. What content should be in our Promo Video?

Your Promo Video should focus on one thing. A special offer, an upcoming event, a key feature of your business you want highlighted. Giving you the ability to gain extra reach in the market place. This video will be perfect for Social Media.

5. After the video shoot, how long before we see a video draft?

We will provide you a draft within 10 working days. After that we will make any changes to your videos and have your finished product within 5 working days from your changes.

6. Whats included in the Videos?

The video shoot, editing and relevant words on the screen. Additional charges might apply for professional voice-over, subtitles, setting up YouTube channels and uploading to your website.



Email : info@mymarketingassistant.com.au
Phone : (03) 9988 2388

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days.